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Set up a consultation with one of our representatives to discuss ideas and budget.

Once the design is approved, we will proceed with the proposal, timeline and pricing. After the contract is signed, we will begin the permitting process. Typical projects will take 6-12 weeks upon agreement of layout, design, finishes and pricing. Listed below is an overview of the process, please note each project is different and may vary.

4 Phases of Building

Let the demolition begin! Once the permit and HOA (if needed) is approved we will begin clearing the area for layout, forming and excavation. Following the excavation process our team will install steel reinforcing throughout the shell structures per city code and engineering detail.

Plumbing will be installed from the pool equipment location to the spa location with return lines for pool/spa circulation, dual port skimmer, designated vacuum line for pool cleaner with a three-way valve, autofill system (will maintain water level automatically) and finally a split main drain system with anti-vortex covers. This will be done in conjunction with installing a 1.5” gas line from the main meter to equipment locations and/or firepit & BBQ locations.

At this time, we will have the city / county inspect the progress and sign off on it so we can move on to phase 2.

( Approximately Week  1 - 3 )

After we pass our first inspection we will “shoot” gunite, the structural shell of the pool / spa, install equipotential deck bonding and call for our second inspection.

Deck Bonding
( Approximately week  4 - 5 )

At this point you will really start to see your pool and spa come to life! Your choice of coping will be installed around the pool and spa. Next the tile will be installed on the waterline, any raised bond beams and spillways. Equipment will also be installed; we will have another inspection with the city at this point.

Equipment Installation
( Approximately week  5 - 6 )

The interior finish will start by installing the light niches and equipment or bonding (#8 AWG bonding from wire steel) then we can install plaster or mini pebble depending on your choice. Finally, we will start filling your pool up! 30 days start up service is included with all new construction. Final inspection will be scheduled and you’re ready to enjoy!

The Final Phase!
Interior Finish
Clean Up
Start Up
FINAL Inspection
( Approximately week  6 )

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